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Binance Earn as a Trusted Platform
Binance Earn’s self-sufficient business model provides reasonable rewards and avoids over-subsidization. Binance Earn has a balance of liquid and locked offerings. more

Introducing Swap Farming on Liquid Swap: $1,000,000 BNB Up for Grabs!
How Does Swap Farming Work? Automated market makers allow you to trade your coins from a liquidity pool rather than directly with another party. Pairs of tokens are pooled together, and each token’s price is determined by its ratio. One user could provide BNB and more

12 Projects selected for Season 5 of Binance Labs Incubation Program
The Binance Labs Incubation Program is a chain-agnostic initiative that aims to empower innovative blockchain projects to shape the future of Web3. For the fifth and current season, we received over 900 applications, which makes more

Wrapped Tokens Brought to You by Binance
Wrapped tokens are digital assets representing locked collateral of the original asset on a different blockchain, thus allowing the transfer of tokens’ value and utility to originally unsupported networks. The concept of wrapping tokens stems more

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