About Safety-Future

Manual and auto trading combined

Welcome to Safety-Future, financial organization that grows your wealth on a daily basis. Our team of professional traders with solid experience generate income by investing and trading on one of the most attractive, young and promising markets nowadays – cryptocurrency market. Our thorough skills combined with passion and unique trading approach of usage both long and short term trading strategies combined with automatic software trading enable us to create stable passive income for our customers.

Started 7 years ago from being a small local trust management team of 3 people, Safety-Future today is an international brand and confident provider for everyone willing to increase their capital in the field of cryptocurrency trading. It would be hard to imagine the state of development we have now without our Director and CEO David Parker, the driving force of our entrepreneurial spirit.

“…I always had one important affirmation during my establishment as a trader and CEO. I believe that all the complexities are simplicities but represented in details. This approach makes you use your structural perception and this is what helped me to master forex and cryptocurrency market and bring Safety-Future to it’s current state in which I’m very proud of.” David Parker 2021
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Our team

David Parker Director/CEO
Mr. David Parker is the founder of Safety-Future. He is the main motivational speaker and the final decision-maker of all our departments’ primary actions.
Peter Bayle Major analyst
Peter is the head of our Analyst department. His outstanding analytical skills allow our company to generate significant income and to provide our customers with stable profit.
Mao Longwei Technical and financial manager
Mao controls financial activities within the company and handles complex technical issues, granting stability and quality background for effective performance.
Steven Wembley Strategic advisor
Steven is responsible for researching marketplace, designing our financial strategies and providing clients with existing and upcoming offers. Thanks to his dedicated work our customers are completely informed about our services and future aims.
Ashley Smith Support manager
Client’s support has always been an essential part in any sphere of services. Our head of Support department Ashley Smith manages our team of operators to quickly process your tickets, answer phone calls and chat online.

Transparency and trust

Safety-Future LTD is officially registered company in United Kingdom with our activity being supervised by Companies House.

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The right way to invest

Our strategic planning combined with passion to work and motivation to reach clearly visible goals made our company a reliable partner for people with ambitious goals and serious intentions Safety-Future warmly welcomes everybody who is interested in trading on the crypto market but lacks knowledge and time. Create your stable passive income today! START EARNING NOW